Help? Please this is not fair..

What's the best way to setup a home network? Why should I care about BGP?

Re: Help? Please this is not fair..

Post by -Ninjex- on Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:30 pm
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fashizzlepop wrote:To clarify a few things:

Flooding is not DDoSing, it would be along the lines of just DoS.

Flooding TCP won't work because games use UDP or their own protocol. Most likely just UDP. (Look up how TCP and UDP differ to see why TCP doesn't work for online gaming or voip, or skype, etc.)

To DDoS someone you could either own a botnet or rent one.

TCP is generally not used for gaming, and does not mean that it can not be. You could use TCP, but it could be slow, not in real time, and in general you are right, it's not a good idea. My post above was made based on my experiences. I know that some systems/consoles use not only a UDP port, but also a TCP port. I have found that by "hitting" the TCP port for the xbox service, it can "knock" someone offline still. I am also aware that TCP can interfer and drop packets handled via UDP.

As for the DDoS, I know the termonology:
Denial of Service: 1 individual perfoming the attack
Distributed Denial of Service: more than 1 individual perforiming the attack

In my post above, I didn't claim it to be a DDoS I did however state this in my op

-Ninjex- wrote:Shell booting &/or setting up a VPS to run a perl script that UDP or TCP floods.
Depending on the VPS and the amount of shells, can make the difference between a weak and strong DDoS attack.

The DDoS was meant for the case of Shellbooting, sorry I confused you.
I should have probably put DoS/DDoS attack.

You also say UDP is used for games. Take a look at one of the most widely used Games, World of Warcraft, it uses TCP.
Skype uses TCP and UDP as well and can not operate without an established TCP connection.
For those that know
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