Got 2 servers :P

What's the best way to setup a home network? Why should I care about BGP?

Re: Got 2 servers :P

Post by iiapoxii on Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:47 pm
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here is my setup for my media server (before i moved)

I have a server that hosts my move and music collection. they are all in a folder on a 1TB drive. (you can pick one up for a hundred bucks now. the server is wired to my router and is running Winamp remote and registered it with for easy desktop administration. Now, on my PS3, i can see the Orb (winamps service, all free) and listen and watch my entire collection. it can be accessed anywhere on the internet my going to, and I can log in and listen or watch movies at work, friends house, etc. if there is something wrong, i can log onto the desktop (again, from anywhere on the internet) and see my desktop. I mainly use this for when i want to start a download while im at work, and when i come home, it will be ready for me. i was playing around with making it a web server as well and installing a web application that will allow my friends to register and logon the the server and stream my media too. :mrgreen:
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