Would this be legal?

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Would this be legal?

Post by routebee on Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:04 pm
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I'm starting Computer Systems Engineering next year and want to build a security web site in my spare time while I am doing it. I'm sure I'll learn a lot from this site (which I just found today) but have one idea already, I was wondering if distributing malware as non executable code would be legal.

The idea is that I find various sources of executable malware (user submissions if all else fails) and automate a server to rip or decompile them then make the code available for download or perusal and encourage a community to comment the files and discuss their quality and purpose. Would I get prosecuted?

The other question I have is why did the developers decide to make hackthissite a .org rather than a .com? Legal reasons?
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Re: Would this be legal?

Post by pretentious on Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:11 am
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I can't give you a definitive answer but i'd just throw in something that i'd heard during a software course, You as the programmer are responcible for any damage your program may do. That's why there are disclaimers in open source software, releasing the developers of any and all legal responcibility (what are you gonna do? sue a bunch of volunteers :P ) I'm not sure if this would apply to you since you aren't the author, but you are still distributing it. I'd reccomend you make sure all bases are covered.

Second question. Again i'm not totally positive ( i'm such a noob) but i think unitll recently, the *.org domain space thing was reserved for non profit organisations. Sinse i'm pretty sure HTS comes under this catagory, it got .org
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Re: Would this be legal?

Post by not_essence2 on Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:19 pm
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Something happened with a similar program by the name of Pretty Good Privacy (RSA encryption program, many use it). The guy who distributed it was prosecuted by the Federal Agents under the charge that he had "exported a weapon, whether conventional, biological, chemical, nuclear, or information-related" which was definitely illegal. However, it was tricky, as technically the programmer gave it to a friend who then uploaded it onto a website, and no one was sure if that merited a breach of law, so eventually the Federal Government gave up the charges, as prosecuting more would only bring worse PR.
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