malaware for testing

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malaware for testing

Post by rtote on Wed May 09, 2012 4:09 pm
([msg=66242]see malaware for testing[/msg])

hey, new to the forum here but looks like a good resource. Im starting my own small scale computer repair buisness and was wondering if you guys could help me. Im pritty confident with most of the 'basic' viruses around, i.e the ones pretending to be anti viruses and that sort of thing. They are for the most part quite easy to get rid off. But im looking for some more nasty viruses i can download onto a old machine i use for testing (it isnt networked, i just format it after)

I'd rather mess with these on my old system then a customers. I idealy just want a few of the main contenders going around atm, so i can test the best ways to get rid of them. having read back i know the mods dont like them lined, so can you pm the links to me pls, with a small description of the virus/trojan.

(sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this sort of thing)

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