Python Tutorial - || Ransomware || Malware Edition || Hackin

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Python Tutorial - || Ransomware || Malware Edition || Hackin

Post by w3w3w3 on Tue Dec 17, 2019 9:48 am
([msg=99919]see Python Tutorial - || Ransomware || Malware Edition || Hackin[/msg])

Python tutorial on the infamous ransomware malware for hacking/info-sec educational learning.

In the first 3 mins I go over the 3 scripts quickly to give you a rough idea of them. I then showcase the ransomware and play ATTACKER/TARGET roles and show you how it works etc... (watch the tutorial)

:arrow: YouTube Tutorial:

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How to create Ransomware with Python, a complete walk-through. GitHub code link below.

:arrow: GITHUB:

:arrow: I suggest watching the tutorial, as I go through the code and also run the ransomware as an attacker/victim roles and showcase it working and how it works etc, so you get a better understanding of it.

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