How to perform a Hybrid online attack?

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How to perform a Hybrid online attack?

Post by RatkinHHK on Fri Jun 12, 2015 5:32 pm
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I understand how dictionary attacks and brute force attacks work. And as far as I get it if I know that the password contains the string "Foo" but might also contain other stuff like numbers, the best method is a hybrid attack.

But how do I perform an ON-LINE hybrid attack. I know about Hydra for online dictionary attacks and John the Ripper as far as I remember for OFF-LINE hybrid attacks. But how to combine the two?

Is there a program for this that I am unaware of?
Is there any way to do this?
Is there maybe a way to make software like John the Ripper to generate possible passwords in a hybrid manner and make it write those possibilities in a file, instead of checking them against a given Hashed Password, and then use the file for a dictionary attack?
Also, I know about Crunch, which can be used to generate all combinations while specifying length/charset, but there is no option to use a certain word..

Basically, I might know the password looks like: *WORD** [aWORD43 / sWORD88 / cWORD99 / aWORDqq / wWORDP9 etc..], and I want all those possibilities ready in a file for a dictionary attack.
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