Linux Distros and Airpwn (And MacBooks too)

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Linux Distros and Airpwn (And MacBooks too)

Post by cythean on Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:05 pm
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Alright, I just bought a MacBook and drained the last of my coffers buying it. The only issue is when I tried to start getting Backtrack 3 working on said sparkly new laptop I discovered that MacBooks' built in wifi cards are not supported. I am starting to move into hacking with Apple products because my school is completely Apple-insane... but I digress.

This thread is me asking the hacker public which Linux distros would be the easiest to set up using parallels, then after that the distros would have to easily install new files. I say this because I tried running Ubuntu on my Mac using parallels, but I couldn't update it, I couldn't install any programs, nothing.

If you have actual experiance using Parallels and a linux distros, please send me a PM and help me out, or post here.

My main goal is to install Airpwn on my Macbook and start playing little pranks on my sister or parents or whatever, nothing too serious though. But my real goal and the reason why I have been using this site so much is so I can become a better hacker and begin training for becoming a Professional Pentester when I get older. Any help getting me started towards my goal would be fantastic.

Thanks bunches and have fun with life,

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Re: Linux Distros and Airpwn (And MacBooks too)

Post by maximumsquid on Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:31 pm
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Try VirtaulBox by sun systems. Installing Backtrack(or any linux distro) is pretty easy, as it has full support for it. I was trying to dual boot bt3 and os x, and found that the macbook pro has compatibility but that macbook is iffy.
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