Bypassing .bat restrictions

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Re: Bypassing .bat restrictions

Post by wang2x_69 on Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:03 pm
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i also find the same problem with our computers...
not only that it restricts opening .bat files but also other files as well.
there are some restriction software i found out.
and it even restricts opening and reading the software...
....boot keys are also disabled...
....we only can use the Microsoft offices program other than that are nothing...
however...though the the software is tough..the computer itself is faulty..
what i did was to run any office this word..then i deliberately
pull the plug, causing the computer to turn off, unexpectedly
the nxt time i turn it on, it produces an error(or things like that)

American Megatrend
delete=set up

this brings me in the heart of CMOS

then instinct follows..
i never change anything though, i am afraid i might be kick-out of school
but i know it is there!

hope this help!

i learn this when i was twelve
the same thing i did to my uncle's windows95

sadly, i totally broke the computer

through Christ our Lord...happy hackin'
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Re: Bypassing .bat restrictions

Post by desherlia3 on Sun Mar 29, 2009 5:01 pm
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Well, if all you want to do is access command prompt, and you say they have Microsoft Office.

If it is Microsoft Office 2007, go to "view" Click on the "macros" button then "view macros" type in a name in the box, then click the "create" button that appears, then just insert:
Code: Select all
Sub exe()
Shell ("cmd.exe")
End Sub

From there press F5 or click the "Run Sub" button.

For previous Microsoft Office releases look under the "Tools" menu, then the "Macros" sub menu, and then click "Visual Basic Editor". Use the same code posted above.

edit: I just realized that wang2x_69 was the one that had Microsoft Office available...
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Re: Bypassing .bat restrictions

Post by bird7727 on Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:56 am
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Bypassing the internet filter is very easy. If you have access to notepad, calculator, or anything else, open the help files. Then, right-click on the title-bar and select "jump to url" and you can use the internet that way without restrictions. If a teacher comes by, just minimize the help.

Another way is going to a website like and typing in a website along with "".
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