Nessus scans

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Nessus scans

Post by ap007 on Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:50 pm
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I've got 2 PCs running ubuntu connected to a switch and installed nessus today on one of them.I'm trying to scan the other machine for DoS & webserver attacks.The report at the end of the scan shows nothing except the list of ports(ssh,ftp,http....).I even removed the safe check option & enabled all plugins in an attempt to see whether the PC crashes,but nothing seems to happen...Could anyone whose been using nessus plz tell me what I may be doing wrong here.Is it cz both the nessus client & server r on the same machine.....

the links I followed to install & configure nessus: ... d-usage-(i used localhost as Nessus Host instead of in the example)

I am working on my dissertation-server testing,and wish to learn to use nessus.I've setup an intranet,but at the moment used only 2 PCs for the nessus scan...Thanks in advance,Cheers

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Re: Nessus scans

Post by QtDevl on Tue Aug 12, 2008 12:41 pm
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If it shows you the basic ports and some information about the computer then the network is working and it's probably because you installed the latest version of ubuntu and so it hasn't got any vulnerabilities.If you want to really learn something about nessus and vulnerablities install windows xp sp1 instead :P or at least find some older versions of any linux flaw(that's if you don't want to stick with windows)...And for testing the flaws you should install metasploit. and you definitely have to visit milw0rm site.However for your question it has nothing to do with the nessus server being on the same is meant to be that way and will not cause any problems...And make sure you register with nessus so you can update the database.
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