Proxychains + Nmap doesn't work in Kali Linux

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Proxychains + Nmap doesn't work in Kali Linux

Post by TechinOut on Thu Nov 07, 2019 1:12 am
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Trying to run Nmap with proxychains to scan a virtual machines IP. I have some vulnerable software installed on this machine for testing purposes and finding open ports not filtered by firewall. Within the command I am specifying TCP ports and using conditions. I do get a result from the scan but my proxychains keep getting denied and also timeout. This is what I am entering into Nmap "proxychains nmap -sT -Pn -n -sV -p 21,22,23,25,53,80,110,113,443,1723,3389,8080 <My IP Address>".

I can't find an answer from anyone or anywhere that knows why this is happening. I mean I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. It supposedly works in backtrack 5 but not kali linux?
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