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Programming 8

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2012 5:16 am
by confusionlord
I have been trying to create the bot in C#, but have run into a problem with the version request.
I have read the older threads on this mission but haven't found what I need.
I am replying to the version request with
"privmsg moo VERSION aconfusedbot:1.0:windoze"
however I do not recieve the !perm8-attack command. If I privmsg the channel instead of moo the message shows up in the room fine. What am I missing?

Re: Programming 8

PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:29 pm
by 5ilic0n
Is this mission working?

I can't seem to get moo to recognize !perm8 at all when coming from myself or my bot in #perm8. If someone doesn't mind verifying that this is working, I'd apprecaite it. No matter what I do moo doesn't respond in this channel.

Re: Programming 8

PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 2:54 am
by tehbmar
I am able to get past the versioning so I would hope it's working I suggest sending "\x01VERSION\x01" to moo and see what kind of response they send, and make sure to take notice of it.

-- Thu Sep 26, 2013 3:00 am --

100% verified I was able to complete it.. Moo just really likes things to be done a certain way.

Also: this article is super helpful for anyone doing anything RAW

Re: Programming 8

PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 4:17 am
by -Ninjex-
Also note I had all the steps correct, but I was not connected to the right server for IRC. If you believe you have everything correct, make sure you connect to: and not just because you may end up on nesoi or ethos. This resolved the issue I had for a while. Thanks to weekend hacker for pointing this out to me.