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Re: Starting Programming Challenges

Post by sam_2108 on Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:10 am
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Ok... here is what i did ...

tried using cookiejar with curl, it requires a filename a create the file which acts like cookie.txt. Atleast this is what my understanding is... let me know if i am wrong.
I understand that i need to put the session info in the file so that when curl sends request to HTS, HTS treats it as the same session as my browser. But the problem is my firefox is 3.6.. this version stores cookies in sqlite format... which is a database extract.. I even extracted the tables and saved all the info related to HTS is a file and passed it to cookiejar, but still getting the same thing... May be i need to format the entry or shall i manually create the cookie? Am i thinking in right direction...

@fashizzlepop, you do it in PHP. can you give me the code which connects to the site.. may be i'll try to read it and understand where am i doing wrong?

@unterbuchse, your approach is interesting and i'll try it but i want to learn how to access site using command line utilites like curl...

I am doing it in C... Do you guys think that should i switch to php... "C is my fav language :)"

@Defience, do we have some tutorial on this at HTS? if yes can you point me out please?
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Re: Starting Programming Challenges

Post by fashizzlepop on Sat Feb 12, 2011 3:55 am
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In Perl, cookiejar automagically captures the info when I log in with it.
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