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Re: Programming 9

Post by cyberdrain on Thu Oct 02, 2014 5:45 pm
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xenoglyph wrote:bleh, nevermind

You're an odd one, are you also going to do 1, 7, 10 and 17 of Realistic?
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Re: Programming 9

Post by -Ninjex- on Sat Oct 04, 2014 7:02 am
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cyberdrain wrote:
xenoglyph wrote:bleh, nevermind

You're an odd one, are you also going to do 1, 7, 10 and 17 of Realistic?

Don't answer this pointless question, xenoglyph.
It will start a flame war, which we do not need. Just be sure to keep your posts on topic next time though.
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Re: Programming 9

Post by cyberdrain on Sat Oct 04, 2014 10:43 am
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Actually, I wasn't being serious. I think it's quite original to do the missions in the order he did them in, which I found amusing. Other than that, this obviously:
-Ninjex- wrote:Just be sure to keep your posts on topic next time though.
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Re: Programming 9

Post by amardeep234 on Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:58 pm
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Jheez, been at this for over a week, finally completed it.

Even though the keys and such are converted to 32bit keys, a lot of the XOR operations result in answer >32bit.
Proof of concept, in your PHP write:
Code: Select all
echo 1049089164 ^ 2147483648;

If your result is, you are overflowing your signed 32bit int: -1098394484
Correct answer, requires 64bit: 3196572812

I have a 32bit installation of PHP on my Linux. I could have done the easy thing, and reinstall my OS as 64bit, but nah.
First I tried using PHP libs such as gdm, bcmath and convert every operation into 64bit, but it was far too cumbersome, plus it felt stupid. If I were to do this, I may as well write the PHP script provided again in C and deal with 64bit INTs there!!

And that's what I did, I wrote the PHP script in C using 64bit ints (int64_t) and for block_decrypt() which dealt with specifically 32bit keys (uint32_t).

Now this was an "insane" difficulty, rewriting all the PHP to C. However with a 64b PHP, this challenge would be a piece of piss to, the decrypt func takes like 10m to write out, the difficulty is thus "medium".

Anyway, in the notes of the challenge it should state, you need 64b PHP to complete this.

Some notes:
- Decrypted string seems to always be 6 chars, padded with spaces (remove spaces when sending solution)
- You pass the SHA1'd solved sudoko to keys()
- Some test values (which I'm sure everyone was in dire need of)
e.g. key:72989e2b179112c0ab497dedfa40687cd75c2cbf, cipher:VLWkZQADQTRfz4sp8NOx+g==, decrypted:5@dS7C

I don't think this is a spoiler, but it's unfair for people who don't have 64bit installations of PHP, they can't complete the challenge!
But I'm going to post my C code equivalent of the PHP. It doesn't include the sudoko solver, or decrypt() funcs. It's literally just a conversion from [] to C.
I post this, so it's possible for people who have 32bit OS to still complete the challenge.
The original task still remains however, if not more difficult. You now have to create a decryption algorithm now in C, still do all the Sudoku solving etc.

Code: Select all
Author:      Amardeep Singh
Description: HTS Challenge 9: One-Time-Pad Encryption
             This program is a C equivalent of the provided encryption algorithim at

             This program deals with all the 64bit XOR's, but retains 32bit INTs where required

Compile:     Using 32bit Linux OS (could possible work for 64bit Linux OS too, haven't checked)
             gcc -lcrypto blowfish.c -o blowfish.o

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

#include <openssl/sha.h>        //For SHA1 hashing funcs
#include <openssl/bio.h>
#include <openssl/evp.h>

#include <stdint.h>      //Allows defining of different INT sizes
#include <inttypes.h>   //Macros for INT types (PRIx64=hex, PRId64=int64_t, PRIu64=uint64_t)

#define N_ELEMENTS(array) (sizeof(array)/sizeof((array)[0]))
//#define KEY "7b032f9b07b034f589a9b9af5d7525ecb6edf3af"
//#define CIPHER "VLGIjAAIef6NxCTghGc/Ew=="
//Decrypts to: string(8) ")T1*YM  "

int g_hashcfg = 1;      //Key Hashing MD5: 0 SHA1: 1
int g_encryptmode = 1;   //Encryption mode: EBC: 0 CBC: 1

int64_t pbox[] = {
   0x243f6a88, 0x85a308d3, 0x13198a2e, 0x03707344,
   0xa4093822, 0x299f31d0, 0x082efa98, 0xec4e6c89,
   0x452821e6, 0x38d01377, 0xbe5466cf, 0x34e90c6c,
   0xc0ac29b7, 0xc97c50dd, 0x3f84d5b5, 0xb5470917,
   0x9216d5d9, 0x8979fb1b

int64_t sbox0[] = {
    0xd1310ba6, 0x98dfb5ac, 0x2ffd72db, 0xd01adfb7, 0xb8e1afed, 0x6a267e96,
    0xba7c9045, 0xf12c7f99, 0x24a19947, 0xb3916cf7, 0x0801f2e2, 0x858efc16,
    0x636920d8, 0x71574e69, 0xa458fea3, 0xf4933d7e, 0x0d95748f, 0x728eb658,
    0x718bcd58, 0x82154aee, 0x7b54a41d, 0xc25a59b5, 0x9c30d539, 0x2af26013,
    0xc5d1b023, 0x286085f0, 0xca417918, 0xb8db38ef, 0x8e79dcb0, 0x603a180e,
    0x6c9e0e8b, 0xb01e8a3e, 0xd71577c1, 0xbd314b27, 0x78af2fda, 0x55605c60,
    0xe65525f3, 0xaa55ab94, 0x57489862, 0x63e81440, 0x55ca396a, 0x2aab10b6,
    0xb4cc5c34, 0x1141e8ce, 0xa15486af, 0x7c72e993, 0xb3ee1411, 0x636fbc2a,
    0x2ba9c55d, 0x741831f6, 0xce5c3e16, 0x9b87931e, 0xafd6ba33, 0x6c24cf5c,
    0x7a325381, 0x28958677, 0x3b8f4898, 0x6b4bb9af, 0xc4bfe81b, 0x66282193,
    0x61d809cc, 0xfb21a991, 0x487cac60, 0x5dec8032, 0xef845d5d, 0xe98575b1,
    0xdc262302, 0xeb651b88, 0x23893e81, 0xd396acc5, 0x0f6d6ff3, 0x83f44239,
    0x2e0b4482, 0xa4842004, 0x69c8f04a, 0x9e1f9b5e, 0x21c66842, 0xf6e96c9a,
    0x670c9c61, 0xabd388f0, 0x6a51a0d2, 0xd8542f68, 0x960fa728, 0xab5133a3,
    0x6eef0b6c, 0x137a3be4, 0xba3bf050, 0x7efb2a98, 0xa1f1651d, 0x39af0176,
    0x66ca593e, 0x82430e88, 0x8cee8619, 0x456f9fb4, 0x7d84a5c3, 0x3b8b5ebe,
    0xe06f75d8, 0x85c12073, 0x401a449f, 0x56c16aa6, 0x4ed3aa62, 0x363f7706,
    0x1bfedf72, 0x429b023d, 0x37d0d724, 0xd00a1248, 0xdb0fead3, 0x49f1c09b,
    0x075372c9, 0x80991b7b, 0x25d479d8, 0xf6e8def7, 0xe3fe501a, 0xb6794c3b,
    0x976ce0bd, 0x04c006ba, 0xc1a94fb6, 0x409f60c4, 0x5e5c9ec2, 0x196a2463,
    0x68fb6faf, 0x3e6c53b5, 0x1339b2eb, 0x3b52ec6f, 0x6dfc511f, 0x9b30952c,
    0xcc814544, 0xaf5ebd09, 0xbee3d004, 0xde334afd, 0x660f2807, 0x192e4bb3,
    0xc0cba857, 0x45c8740f, 0xd20b5f39, 0xb9d3fbdb, 0x5579c0bd, 0x1a60320a,
    0xd6a100c6, 0x402c7279, 0x679f25fe, 0xfb1fa3cc, 0x8ea5e9f8, 0xdb3222f8,
    0x3c7516df, 0xfd616b15, 0x2f501ec8, 0xad0552ab, 0x323db5fa, 0xfd238760,
    0x53317b48, 0x3e00df82, 0x9e5c57bb, 0xca6f8ca0, 0x1a87562e, 0xdf1769db,
    0xd542a8f6, 0x287effc3, 0xac6732c6, 0x8c4f5573, 0x695b27b0, 0xbbca58c8,
    0xe1ffa35d, 0xb8f011a0, 0x10fa3d98, 0xfd2183b8, 0x4afcb56c, 0x2dd1d35b,
    0x9a53e479, 0xb6f84565, 0xd28e49bc, 0x4bfb9790, 0xe1ddf2da, 0xa4cb7e33,
    0x62fb1341, 0xcee4c6e8, 0xef20cada, 0x36774c01, 0xd07e9efe, 0x2bf11fb4,
    0x95dbda4d, 0xae909198, 0xeaad8e71, 0x6b93d5a0, 0xd08ed1d0, 0xafc725e0,
    0x8e3c5b2f, 0x8e7594b7, 0x8ff6e2fb, 0xf2122b64, 0x8888b812, 0x900df01c,
    0x4fad5ea0, 0x688fc31c, 0xd1cff191, 0xb3a8c1ad, 0x2f2f2218, 0xbe0e1777,
    0xea752dfe, 0x8b021fa1, 0xe5a0cc0f, 0xb56f74e8, 0x18acf3d6, 0xce89e299,
    0xb4a84fe0, 0xfd13e0b7, 0x7cc43b81, 0xd2ada8d9, 0x165fa266, 0x80957705,
    0x93cc7314, 0x211a1477, 0xe6ad2065, 0x77b5fa86, 0xc75442f5, 0xfb9d35cf,
    0xebcdaf0c, 0x7b3e89a0, 0xd6411bd3, 0xae1e7e49, 0x00250e2d, 0x2071b35e,
    0x226800bb, 0x57b8e0af, 0x2464369b, 0xf009b91e, 0x5563911d, 0x59dfa6aa,
    0x78c14389, 0xd95a537f, 0x207d5ba2, 0x02e5b9c5, 0x83260376, 0x6295cfa9,
    0x11c81968, 0x4e734a41, 0xb3472dca, 0x7b14a94a, 0x1b510052, 0x9a532915,
    0xd60f573f, 0xbc9bc6e4, 0x2b60a476, 0x81e67400, 0x08ba6fb5, 0x571be91f,
    0xf296ec6b, 0x2a0dd915, 0xb6636521, 0xe7b9f9b6, 0xff34052e, 0xc5855664,
    0x53b02d5d, 0xa99f8fa1, 0x08ba4799, 0x6e85076a

int64_t sbox1[] = {
    0x4b7a70e9, 0xb5b32944, 0xdb75092e, 0xc4192623, 0xad6ea6b0, 0x49a7df7d,
    0x9cee60b8, 0x8fedb266, 0xecaa8c71, 0x699a17ff, 0x5664526c, 0xc2b19ee1,
    0x193602a5, 0x75094c29, 0xa0591340, 0xe4183a3e, 0x3f54989a, 0x5b429d65,
    0x6b8fe4d6, 0x99f73fd6, 0xa1d29c07, 0xefe830f5, 0x4d2d38e6, 0xf0255dc1,
    0x4cdd2086, 0x8470eb26, 0x6382e9c6, 0x021ecc5e, 0x09686b3f, 0x3ebaefc9,
    0x3c971814, 0x6b6a70a1, 0x687f3584, 0x52a0e286, 0xb79c5305, 0xaa500737,
    0x3e07841c, 0x7fdeae5c, 0x8e7d44ec, 0x5716f2b8, 0xb03ada37, 0xf0500c0d,
    0xf01c1f04, 0x0200b3ff, 0xae0cf51a, 0x3cb574b2, 0x25837a58, 0xdc0921bd,
    0xd19113f9, 0x7ca92ff6, 0x94324773, 0x22f54701, 0x3ae5e581, 0x37c2dadc,
    0xc8b57634, 0x9af3dda7, 0xa9446146, 0x0fd0030e, 0xecc8c73e, 0xa4751e41,
    0xe238cd99, 0x3bea0e2f, 0x3280bba1, 0x183eb331, 0x4e548b38, 0x4f6db908,
    0x6f420d03, 0xf60a04bf, 0x2cb81290, 0x24977c79, 0x5679b072, 0xbcaf89af,
    0xde9a771f, 0xd9930810, 0xb38bae12, 0xdccf3f2e, 0x5512721f, 0x2e6b7124,
    0x501adde6, 0x9f84cd87, 0x7a584718, 0x7408da17, 0xbc9f9abc, 0xe94b7d8c,
    0xec7aec3a, 0xdb851dfa, 0x63094366, 0xc464c3d2, 0xef1c1847, 0x3215d908,
    0xdd433b37, 0x24c2ba16, 0x12a14d43, 0x2a65c451, 0x50940002, 0x133ae4dd,
    0x71dff89e, 0x10314e55, 0x81ac77d6, 0x5f11199b, 0x043556f1, 0xd7a3c76b,
    0x3c11183b, 0x5924a509, 0xf28fe6ed, 0x97f1fbfa, 0x9ebabf2c, 0x1e153c6e,
    0x86e34570, 0xeae96fb1, 0x860e5e0a, 0x5a3e2ab3, 0x771fe71c, 0x4e3d06fa,
    0x2965dcb9, 0x99e71d0f, 0x803e89d6, 0x5266c825, 0x2e4cc978, 0x9c10b36a,
    0xc6150eba, 0x94e2ea78, 0xa5fc3c53, 0x1e0a2df4, 0xf2f74ea7, 0x361d2b3d,
    0x1939260f, 0x19c27960, 0x5223a708, 0xf71312b6, 0xebadfe6e, 0xeac31f66,
    0xe3bc4595, 0xa67bc883, 0xb17f37d1, 0x018cff28, 0xc332ddef, 0xbe6c5aa5,
    0x65582185, 0x68ab9802, 0xeecea50f, 0xdb2f953b, 0x2aef7dad, 0x5b6e2f84,
    0x1521b628, 0x29076170, 0xecdd4775, 0x619f1510, 0x13cca830, 0xeb61bd96,
    0x0334fe1e, 0xaa0363cf, 0xb5735c90, 0x4c70a239, 0xd59e9e0b, 0xcbaade14,
    0xeecc86bc, 0x60622ca7, 0x9cab5cab, 0xb2f3846e, 0x648b1eaf, 0x19bdf0ca,
    0xa02369b9, 0x655abb50, 0x40685a32, 0x3c2ab4b3, 0x319ee9d5, 0xc021b8f7,
    0x9b540b19, 0x875fa099, 0x95f7997e, 0x623d7da8, 0xf837889a, 0x97e32d77,
    0x11ed935f, 0x16681281, 0x0e358829, 0xc7e61fd6, 0x96dedfa1, 0x7858ba99,
    0x57f584a5, 0x1b227263, 0x9b83c3ff, 0x1ac24696, 0xcdb30aeb, 0x532e3054,
    0x8fd948e4, 0x6dbc3128, 0x58ebf2ef, 0x34c6ffea, 0xfe28ed61, 0xee7c3c73,
    0x5d4a14d9, 0xe864b7e3, 0x42105d14, 0x203e13e0, 0x45eee2b6, 0xa3aaabea,
    0xdb6c4f15, 0xfacb4fd0, 0xc742f442, 0xef6abbb5, 0x654f3b1d, 0x41cd2105,
    0xd81e799e, 0x86854dc7, 0xe44b476a, 0x3d816250, 0xcf62a1f2, 0x5b8d2646,
    0xfc8883a0, 0xc1c7b6a3, 0x7f1524c3, 0x69cb7492, 0x47848a0b, 0x5692b285,
    0x095bbf00, 0xad19489d, 0x1462b174, 0x23820e00, 0x58428d2a, 0x0c55f5ea,
    0x1dadf43e, 0x233f7061, 0x3372f092, 0x8d937e41, 0xd65fecf1, 0x6c223bdb,
    0x7cde3759, 0xcbee7460, 0x4085f2a7, 0xce77326e, 0xa6078084, 0x19f8509e,
    0xe8efd855, 0x61d99735, 0xa969a7aa, 0xc50c06c2, 0x5a04abfc, 0x800bcadc,
    0x9e447a2e, 0xc3453484, 0xfdd56705, 0x0e1e9ec9, 0xdb73dbd3, 0x105588cd,
    0x675fda79, 0xe3674340, 0xc5c43465, 0x713e38d8, 0x3d28f89e, 0xf16dff20,
    0x153e21e7, 0x8fb03d4a, 0xe6e39f2b, 0xdb83adf7

int64_t sbox2[] = {
    0xe93d5a68, 0x948140f7, 0xf64c261c, 0x94692934, 0x411520f7, 0x7602d4f7,
    0xbcf46b2e, 0xd4a20068, 0xd4082471, 0x3320f46a, 0x43b7d4b7, 0x500061af,
    0x1e39f62e, 0x97244546, 0x14214f74, 0xbf8b8840, 0x4d95fc1d, 0x96b591af,
    0x70f4ddd3, 0x66a02f45, 0xbfbc09ec, 0x03bd9785, 0x7fac6dd0, 0x31cb8504,
    0x96eb27b3, 0x55fd3941, 0xda2547e6, 0xabca0a9a, 0x28507825, 0x530429f4,
    0x0a2c86da, 0xe9b66dfb, 0x68dc1462, 0xd7486900, 0x680ec0a4, 0x27a18dee,
    0x4f3ffea2, 0xe887ad8c, 0xb58ce006, 0x7af4d6b6, 0xaace1e7c, 0xd3375fec,
    0xce78a399, 0x406b2a42, 0x20fe9e35, 0xd9f385b9, 0xee39d7ab, 0x3b124e8b,
    0x1dc9faf7, 0x4b6d1856, 0x26a36631, 0xeae397b2, 0x3a6efa74, 0xdd5b4332,
    0x6841e7f7, 0xca7820fb, 0xfb0af54e, 0xd8feb397, 0x454056ac, 0xba489527,
    0x55533a3a, 0x20838d87, 0xfe6ba9b7, 0xd096954b, 0x55a867bc, 0xa1159a58,
    0xcca92963, 0x99e1db33, 0xa62a4a56, 0x3f3125f9, 0x5ef47e1c, 0x9029317c,
    0xfdf8e802, 0x04272f70, 0x80bb155c, 0x05282ce3, 0x95c11548, 0xe4c66d22,
    0x48c1133f, 0xc70f86dc, 0x07f9c9ee, 0x41041f0f, 0x404779a4, 0x5d886e17,
    0x325f51eb, 0xd59bc0d1, 0xf2bcc18f, 0x41113564, 0x257b7834, 0x602a9c60,
    0xdff8e8a3, 0x1f636c1b, 0x0e12b4c2, 0x02e1329e, 0xaf664fd1, 0xcad18115,
    0x6b2395e0, 0x333e92e1, 0x3b240b62, 0xeebeb922, 0x85b2a20e, 0xe6ba0d99,
    0xde720c8c, 0x2da2f728, 0xd0127845, 0x95b794fd, 0x647d0862, 0xe7ccf5f0,
    0x5449a36f, 0x877d48fa, 0xc39dfd27, 0xf33e8d1e, 0x0a476341, 0x992eff74,
    0x3a6f6eab, 0xf4f8fd37, 0xa812dc60, 0xa1ebddf8, 0x991be14c, 0xdb6e6b0d,
    0xc67b5510, 0x6d672c37, 0x2765d43b, 0xdcd0e804, 0xf1290dc7, 0xcc00ffa3,
    0xb5390f92, 0x690fed0b, 0x667b9ffb, 0xcedb7d9c, 0xa091cf0b, 0xd9155ea3,
    0xbb132f88, 0x515bad24, 0x7b9479bf, 0x763bd6eb, 0x37392eb3, 0xcc115979,
    0x8026e297, 0xf42e312d, 0x6842ada7, 0xc66a2b3b, 0x12754ccc, 0x782ef11c,
    0x6a124237, 0xb79251e7, 0x06a1bbe6, 0x4bfb6350, 0x1a6b1018, 0x11caedfa,
    0x3d25bdd8, 0xe2e1c3c9, 0x44421659, 0x0a121386, 0xd90cec6e, 0xd5abea2a,
    0x64af674e, 0xda86a85f, 0xbebfe988, 0x64e4c3fe, 0x9dbc8057, 0xf0f7c086,
    0x60787bf8, 0x6003604d, 0xd1fd8346, 0xf6381fb0, 0x7745ae04, 0xd736fccc,
    0x83426b33, 0xf01eab71, 0xb0804187, 0x3c005e5f, 0x77a057be, 0xbde8ae24,
    0x55464299, 0xbf582e61, 0x4e58f48f, 0xf2ddfda2, 0xf474ef38, 0x8789bdc2,
    0x5366f9c3, 0xc8b38e74, 0xb475f255, 0x46fcd9b9, 0x7aeb2661, 0x8b1ddf84,
    0x846a0e79, 0x915f95e2, 0x466e598e, 0x20b45770, 0x8cd55591, 0xc902de4c,
    0xb90bace1, 0xbb8205d0, 0x11a86248, 0x7574a99e, 0xb77f19b6, 0xe0a9dc09,
    0x662d09a1, 0xc4324633, 0xe85a1f02, 0x09f0be8c, 0x4a99a025, 0x1d6efe10,
    0x1ab93d1d, 0x0ba5a4df, 0xa186f20f, 0x2868f169, 0xdcb7da83, 0x573906fe,
    0xa1e2ce9b, 0x4fcd7f52, 0x50115e01, 0xa70683fa, 0xa002b5c4, 0x0de6d027,
    0x9af88c27, 0x773f8641, 0xc3604c06, 0x61a806b5, 0xf0177a28, 0xc0f586e0,
    0x006058aa, 0x30dc7d62, 0x11e69ed7, 0x2338ea63, 0x53c2dd94, 0xc2c21634,
    0xbbcbee56, 0x90bcb6de, 0xebfc7da1, 0xce591d76, 0x6f05e409, 0x4b7c0188,
    0x39720a3d, 0x7c927c24, 0x86e3725f, 0x724d9db9, 0x1ac15bb4, 0xd39eb8fc,
    0xed545578, 0x08fca5b5, 0xd83d7cd3, 0x4dad0fc4, 0x1e50ef5e, 0xb161e6f8,
    0xa28514d9, 0x6c51133c, 0x6fd5c7e7, 0x56e14ec4, 0x362abfce, 0xddc6c837,
    0xd79a3234, 0x92638212, 0x670efa8e, 0x406000e0

int64_t sbox3[] = {
    0x3a39ce37, 0xd3faf5cf, 0xabc27737, 0x5ac52d1b, 0x5cb0679e, 0x4fa33742,
    0xd3822740, 0x99bc9bbe, 0xd5118e9d, 0xbf0f7315, 0xd62d1c7e, 0xc700c47b,
    0xb78c1b6b, 0x21a19045, 0xb26eb1be, 0x6a366eb4, 0x5748ab2f, 0xbc946e79,
    0xc6a376d2, 0x6549c2c8, 0x530ff8ee, 0x468dde7d, 0xd5730a1d, 0x4cd04dc6,
    0x2939bbdb, 0xa9ba4650, 0xac9526e8, 0xbe5ee304, 0xa1fad5f0, 0x6a2d519a,
    0x63ef8ce2, 0x9a86ee22, 0xc089c2b8, 0x43242ef6, 0xa51e03aa, 0x9cf2d0a4,
    0x83c061ba, 0x9be96a4d, 0x8fe51550, 0xba645bd6, 0x2826a2f9, 0xa73a3ae1,
    0x4ba99586, 0xef5562e9, 0xc72fefd3, 0xf752f7da, 0x3f046f69, 0x77fa0a59,
    0x80e4a915, 0x87b08601, 0x9b09e6ad, 0x3b3ee593, 0xe990fd5a, 0x9e34d797,
    0x2cf0b7d9, 0x022b8b51, 0x96d5ac3a, 0x017da67d, 0xd1cf3ed6, 0x7c7d2d28,
    0x1f9f25cf, 0xadf2b89b, 0x5ad6b472, 0x5a88f54c, 0xe029ac71, 0xe019a5e6,
    0x47b0acfd, 0xed93fa9b, 0xe8d3c48d, 0x283b57cc, 0xf8d56629, 0x79132e28,
    0x785f0191, 0xed756055, 0xf7960e44, 0xe3d35e8c, 0x15056dd4, 0x88f46dba,
    0x03a16125, 0x0564f0bd, 0xc3eb9e15, 0x3c9057a2, 0x97271aec, 0xa93a072a,
    0x1b3f6d9b, 0x1e6321f5, 0xf59c66fb, 0x26dcf319, 0x7533d928, 0xb155fdf5,
    0x03563482, 0x8aba3cbb, 0x28517711, 0xc20ad9f8, 0xabcc5167, 0xccad925f,
    0x4de81751, 0x3830dc8e, 0x379d5862, 0x9320f991, 0xea7a90c2, 0xfb3e7bce,
    0x5121ce64, 0x774fbe32, 0xa8b6e37e, 0xc3293d46, 0x48de5369, 0x6413e680,
    0xa2ae0810, 0xdd6db224, 0x69852dfd, 0x09072166, 0xb39a460a, 0x6445c0dd,
    0x586cdecf, 0x1c20c8ae, 0x5bbef7dd, 0x1b588d40, 0xccd2017f, 0x6bb4e3bb,
    0xdda26a7e, 0x3a59ff45, 0x3e350a44, 0xbcb4cdd5, 0x72eacea8, 0xfa6484bb,
    0x8d6612ae, 0xbf3c6f47, 0xd29be463, 0x542f5d9e, 0xaec2771b, 0xf64e6370,
    0x740e0d8d, 0xe75b1357, 0xf8721671, 0xaf537d5d, 0x4040cb08, 0x4eb4e2cc,
    0x34d2466a, 0x0115af84, 0xe1b00428, 0x95983a1d, 0x06b89fb4, 0xce6ea048,
    0x6f3f3b82, 0x3520ab82, 0x011a1d4b, 0x277227f8, 0x611560b1, 0xe7933fdc,
    0xbb3a792b, 0x344525bd, 0xa08839e1, 0x51ce794b, 0x2f32c9b7, 0xa01fbac9,
    0xe01cc87e, 0xbcc7d1f6, 0xcf0111c3, 0xa1e8aac7, 0x1a908749, 0xd44fbd9a,
    0xd0dadecb, 0xd50ada38, 0x0339c32a, 0xc6913667, 0x8df9317c, 0xe0b12b4f,
    0xf79e59b7, 0x43f5bb3a, 0xf2d519ff, 0x27d9459c, 0xbf97222c, 0x15e6fc2a,
    0x0f91fc71, 0x9b941525, 0xfae59361, 0xceb69ceb, 0xc2a86459, 0x12baa8d1,
    0xb6c1075e, 0xe3056a0c, 0x10d25065, 0xcb03a442, 0xe0ec6e0e, 0x1698db3b,
    0x4c98a0be, 0x3278e964, 0x9f1f9532, 0xe0d392df, 0xd3a0342b, 0x8971f21e,
    0x1b0a7441, 0x4ba3348c, 0xc5be7120, 0xc37632d8, 0xdf359f8d, 0x9b992f2e,
    0xe60b6f47, 0x0fe3f11d, 0xe54cda54, 0x1edad891, 0xce6279cf, 0xcd3e7e6f,
    0x1618b166, 0xfd2c1d05, 0x848fd2c5, 0xf6fb2299, 0xf523f357, 0xa6327623,
    0x93a83531, 0x56cccd02, 0xacf08162, 0x5a75ebb5, 0x6e163697, 0x88d273cc,
    0xde966292, 0x81b949d0, 0x4c50901b, 0x71c65614, 0xe6c6c7bd, 0x327a140a,
    0x45e1d006, 0xc3f27b9a, 0xc9aa53fd, 0x62a80f00, 0xbb25bfe2, 0x35bdd2f6,
    0x71126905, 0xb2040222, 0xb6cbcf7c, 0xcd769c2b, 0x53113ec0, 0x1640e3d3,
    0x38abbd60, 0x2547adf0, 0xba38209c, 0xf746ce76, 0x77afa1c5, 0x20756060,
    0x85cbfe4e, 0x8ae88dd8, 0x7aaaf9b0, 0x4cf9aa7e, 0x1948c25c, 0x02fb8a8c,
    0x01c36ae4, 0xd6ebe1f9, 0x90d4f869, 0xa65cdea0, 0x3f09252d, 0xc208e69f,
    0xb74e6132, 0xce77e25b, 0x578fdfe3, 0x3ac372e6

char *GetSHA1Hash(char *str_in)
    int i = 0;
    int length = 0;                                 //Holds length of string
    static unsigned char strHash[SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH*2];//Holds 40bytes for string of sha1 hash
                                                        //static used to return addr of local var
    unsigned char hash[SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH];          //Holds 20bytes for raw sha1 hash

    memset(strHash, 0x0, SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH*2);      //Assign NULL bytes to these mem regions
    memset(hash, 0x0, SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH);

    SHA1(str_in, strlen(str_in), hash);             //hash now contains the 20-byte SHA1 hash

    for (i=0; i<SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH; i++) {           //Convert hash to string with ascii chars
        sprintf( (char*)&(strHash[i*2]), "%02x", hash[i]);  //Send formatted str output to strHash

    return strHash;

//Decode base64 str
//Input: base64 string, end is \0 .. not \n\0
//Output: char str of base64 result
char *DecodBase64(unsigned char *in_pre, int length)
    BIO *b64, *bmem;

   length++;                                 //Add an extra byte for \n
   unsigned char *input = (char *)malloc(length+1);   //Alloc another extra
   strncpy(input, in_pre, length-1);
   input[length-1] = '\n';                        //Replace end-2 with \n
   input[length] = '\0';                        //end-1 = '\0' as precaution, end ~= '\0'

   unsigned char *buffer = (unsigned char *)malloc(length);
    memset(buffer, 0, length);

    b64 = BIO_new(BIO_f_base64());
    bmem = BIO_new_mem_buf(input, length);
    bmem = BIO_push(b64, bmem);

    BIO_read(bmem, buffer, length);


   free (input);
    return buffer;

// Covert a string into array of longintegers
// Input: string, multiple of 4chars
// Outpt: array of 4 ints
int64_t *_str2long(unsigned char *data, int length)
    int len_new_key = length / 4;   //Length of new key, divided by 4 since 4bytes of str = int
    int64_t *long_key = malloc(4*sizeof(int64_t));  //New key
   memset(long_key, '\0', 4*sizeof(int64_t));

   int i;
    //Equivalent of unpack() function for 32bit INTs only, each 4chars (2byte each) = 8byte INT
    //e.g. "7b032f9b07b034f5"
        // "7b03" = (int)929181747
        // "2f9b" = 845560162
    for (i=0; i<len_new_key; i++) {
      uint32_t int_val = 0;               //Result has to be 32bits: 0x111122223333444
        int_val |= ( data[(i*4)+0] << 24 );      //Assign data to, starting at position 24bit
        int_val |= ( data[(i*4)+1] << 16 );      //16-23b
        int_val |= ( data[(i*4)+2] <<  8 );      //8-15b
        int_val |= ( data[(i*4)+3]       );      //0-7b
        long_key[i] = int_val;
      //printf("%" PRIu32 "\n", long_key[i]);
    return long_key;

//Convert an array of longints to a string, equivalent of PHP pack() func
//Input: 32bit num
char *_long2str(int64_t in)    //Pass in any val, 32 or 64b (casted as: uint 32b)
   uint32_t in_long = (uint32_t)in;

   char *key_4byte = malloc(4*sizeof(char));   //Allocate 4bytes for 4 decrypted chars
   memset(key_4byte, '\0',  4*sizeof(char));

   //Since we working with 32bit uint, or 4bytes
      //e.g. int(693383466)
      //     = "7b03"
   key_4byte[0] = (in_long >> 24) & 0xFF;
   key_4byte[1] = (in_long >> 16) & 0xFF;
   key_4byte[2] = (in_long >>  8) & 0xFF;
   key_4byte[3] = (in_long      ) & 0xFF;

   return key_4byte;

//Encryption Round
int64_t sbox_round(integer)
   int64_t b0, b1, b2, b3;
   b0 = integer << 24 & 0xFF;      //Split $integer into four 8 Bit blocks
   b1 = integer << 16 & 0xFF;
   b2 = integer << 8  & 0xFF;
   b3 = integer       & 0xFF;

   int64_t ret;
   ret = sbox0[b0] + sbox1[b1] % 4294967295u;
   ret = (ret ^ sbox2[b2]) + sbox3[b3] % 4294967295u;

   return ret;

// Encrypt block
// No return, but **v is allocated memory from keys() func
void block_encrypt(int64_t **v)
   int64_t vl = (*v)[0];      //Assign vl the value stored in, keys() malloc'd v
   int64_t vr = (*v)[1];
   int64_t v_tmp;

   int i;
   for (i=0; i<16; i++) {
      vl = vl ^ pbox[i];
      vr = vr ^ sbox_round(vl);

        v_tmp = vl;
        vl = vr;
        vr = v_tmp;

    v_tmp = vl;
    vl = vr;
    vr = v_tmp;

    vr ^= pbox[16];
    vl ^= pbox[17];
                     //After operations done to vl, vr
   (*v)[0] = vl;         //Modify the malloc()'d 2byte mem from keys() func
   (*v)[1] = vr;

//Input: sudoku solved sha1'd string
void keys(char *key)
   char *key_16byte = malloc(17);   //Get 16bytes of str key (which has to be SHA1'd already)
   strncpy(key_16byte, key, 16);
   key_16byte[16] = '\0';
   int64_t *key_arr = _str2long(key_16byte, strlen(key_16byte) ); //Convert string key to long

   //XOR Pbox1 with the first 32 bits of the key, XOR P2 with the second 32-bits of the key
   int len_pbox = N_ELEMENTS(pbox);   //Length of array

   int i;
   for (i=0; i<len_pbox; i++) {
      pbox[i] = pbox[i] ^ key_arr[i%4];
      //printf("%" PRId64 "\n", pbox[i]);

   int64_t *v = malloc(2*sizeof(int64_t));   //Allocate mem 2bytes for v!
   v[0] = '\0';
   v[1] = '\0';

   //Encrypt Nullbit Blocks and replace the Pbox with the Chiffre. Next round, encrypt the result
   for (i=0; i<len_pbox; i+=2) {
      block_encrypt(&v);               //Pass address of v, so it can be modified inside func
        pbox[i] = v[0];
        pbox[i+1] = v[1];

   //Replace S-Box [0 to 3] entries with encrypted blocks
   int len_sbox0 = N_ELEMENTS(sbox0);
    for (i=0; i<len_sbox0; i+=2) {
        sbox0[i] = v[0];
        sbox0[i+1] = v[1];

   int len_sbox1 = N_ELEMENTS(sbox1);
   for(i=0; i<len_sbox1; i+=2) {
        sbox1[i] = v[0];
        sbox1[i+1] = v[1];

   int len_sbox2 = N_ELEMENTS(sbox2);
    for(i=0; i<len_sbox2; i+=2) {
        sbox2[i] = v[0];
        sbox2[i+1] = v[1];

    int len_sbox3 = N_ELEMENTS(sbox3);
    for(i=0; i<len_sbox3; i+=2) {
        sbox3[i] = v[0];
        sbox3[i+1] = v[1];


void block_decrypt()

void decrypt()

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
   if(argc != 3) {
       printf("Error: Pass in 2 str arguments [key, cipher], you passed in %d args", argc);
      printf("Or... If your exec'ing from another prog, pass in [name, key, cipher]\n\n");
      int i;
      for (i=0; i<argc; i++) {
         printf("argv[%i] %s\n", i, argv[i]);
       return -1;

   char * key = argv[1];
   char * cipher = argv[2];


   return 0;

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Re: Programming 9

Post by QtDevl on Fri Jan 16, 2015 2:05 pm
([msg=86323]see Re: Programming 9[/msg])

amardeep234 wrote:Jheez, been at this for over a week, finally completed it.


I hope you didn't loose a lot of time on figuring the 64bit part, just a page behind you mzungudo warned users about that!
We found it out the VERY hard way.
I do agree there should be a warning about the site using 64 bit integers ( watch out for app17 keygen as well ).
If freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will have freedom...
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Re: Programming 9

Post by amardeep234 on Sat Jan 24, 2015 4:49 pm
([msg=86436]see Re: Programming 9[/msg])

QtDevl wrote:
amardeep234 wrote:Jheez, been at this for over a week, finally completed it.


I hope you didn't loose a lot of time on figuring the 64bit part, just a page behind you mzungudo warned users about that!
We found it out the VERY hard way.
I do agree there should be a warning about the site using 64 bit integers ( watch out for app17 keygen as well ).

Yeah I try to avoid reading helpful comments until I really get stuck. I spent a few days checking my algorithm for Sudoku, confirming it with online solvers, checking if key is solved sudoku or SHA1 hash (turns out it didn't matter as our 16byte stripped key is not > 16 chars...). Only after a few days, did I believe my code to be all correct then look into other problems, and thus did a quick XOR calculations with the largest values I could find, and lo-and-behold it results in a negative value. Went online and tested code again on a webserver which I knew was running 64bit, and then I realized..

So while I did read that comment during the initial days, I didn't believe it to be the issue until a few days after. :S
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