Permanent Programming#7

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Re: Permanent Programming#7

Post by alan on Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:15 am
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Just solved this one. Fun mission I must say. My problem was I kept trying to sort the damn thing but the characters got in the way and ruined my calculations. Then I remembered there's no need to iterate through the whole length of each line. So I just stopped before I reached the characters.

Well... That's it from me... Happy coding! :D
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Re: Permanent Programming#7

Post by AzAxIaL on Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:25 am
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I've been working on this challenge on and off for nearly a month now. What frustrates me is that I have no way of knowing which line of text is first. Also, some challenges require the password to be in lowercase, but this one shows the password in uppercase. Am I to assume that the password is in uppercase?
I went through numerous "sorting" methods from averaging colors, neighbouring pixels and travelling-salesman problem algorithms, to simple brute-forcing every permutation of row order. After all this work, it is impossible to determine if I am entering the password in the correct or and in the correct case. After all of this, I finally managed to get like all others a partial reconstruction 60% of the time.
If someone could at least confirm how to determine the correct word order and case, because there is no way of knowing which is correct as I will only get a "SORRY" response.

Edit: Also, I am also assuming that the number zero is used instead of the letter "o" to avoid confusion.
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