Programming 3: Don't stop at 32

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Programming 3: Don't stop at 32

Post by sharpskater69 on Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:22 am
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Looking over encryptString() closely, it's reasonable to assume that if you work out a hash where the numbers add up to the total you first guessed, you must have found the correct hash/total. This was my original approach, and it only worked part of the time. Recently I decided to complete this again, as it was really fun the first time. Sometimes the solution would be correct, other times it would be gibberish after the first 32 characters. The first 32 could be valid, but not the 33rd. Sometimes the first 33, but not the 34th and so on. I had a valid hash, for that total. The total was wrong. In short, keep up your checks(aside from the hash numbers you can reuse) until you're through all 100. It's the only way you know for sure the very first total is correct.
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