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Re: New Steganography Mission ready for Beta Testing!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2013 8:37 pm
by Euforia33
Goatboy wrote:@Euforia33: I'll try your challenge later. I was much more interested in seeing if I could force a .PNG file footer in your sig by editing the hex of my user-agent. Alas I was unsuccessful. You'll see a few messages from me in your logs though, lol.

Sorry for the late reply, I anticipated some of you guys might try to mess with my sig so I tried to take precautions :) I did not see any messages in my logs though so I may have overlooked them.

aeroxtk wrote:
Well, I did ask you both on the board and @HTS but you haven't responded. And yes I'm not asking for any hints or anything; just to verify whether I'm in the right direction since I've reached to a certain part.

Responded already mate, you are on the right path!

It has been one year to the day that this challenge has been open for testing by the good people of HTS, though neither version has yet been solved. I think it's time for some more hints to help you guys out:

*** SPOILERS ***

1, The image is made up of two colours, or is it...
2, The timed version has a 30 second time limit, when testing methods for solving this version of the challenge I made sure to also test more primitive means. In this 30 seconds, I completed one part using python, another part using a smartphone and then sending the data via email (better ways I know but I like a challenge lol) back to my python prog which then takes care of the rest.
3, Once you reach a certain stage, don't think about a key. The 30 second timer is to try to force you into solving it in a more specific way. Does it look like a single word to you? No? So what can you do with something like a paragraph, that you could not do with a single word?

*** /SPOILERS ***

Good luck!