Continuous Programming Challenges

This is the place for ALL of the user submitted challenges. If you create a little challenge/mission/riddle/whatever, post it here.
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Continuous Programming Challenges

Post by -Ninjex- on Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:00 am
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So the idea came to mind after mShred and I was helping a fellow hts member learn how to program in PHP.
I wanted a place to be able to give out little side missions. These missions will be programming challenges that will test your programming abilities. This in addition gives us the ability to do code reviews on one another and to discuss programming more frequently.

The rules:
1. You can search google if you get stuck
2. You can use some code from sources you find on the web, but make sure you credit the source location.
3. Most of the code should be written by you.
4. The code should be easily compiled. If you use libraries, provide links. If you can, create makefiles.
5. In your post, add what language you used to complete the challenge.
6. Well written code (commented, indented, etc) may receive additional points.
7. If you use code found from the web and do not credit that source, your answer will be ignored.
8. Keep the code clean, no malware, fork bombs, etc.
9. Submitting an answer in multiple languages can get you more points, but not the full amount for that challenge.
10. You can not receive points for challenges you create yourself. This does not mean you can not participate.

To view the board with all the user standings and overview of all challenges, please go here: LINK
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