Acunetix or Webinspect - Pen testing Steps for Website

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Acunetix or Webinspect - Pen testing Steps for Website

Post by Tester10822 on Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:12 am
([msg=92411]see Acunetix or Webinspect - Pen testing Steps for Website[/msg])

Does anyone have a document which shows how to do pen testing with the tools which would cover the OWASP top 10

1) SQL injection
2) Cross Site scripting
3) Cross Site Request forgery
4) Path Traversal
5) Brute forcing
6) testing for broken authentication
7) Testing for components with known vulnerabilities
8) Testing for Sensitive data exposure
9) Testing for Authorization issues
10) Testing for invalid redirects or redirects to Malicious sites
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