Need Official Lecture Approval? Read HERE!

Want to present an OFFICIAL HTS lecture? MANDATORY approval is required prior to presentation. Post here for approval!

Need Official Lecture Approval? Read HERE!

Post by Monica on Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:51 am
([msg=46178]see Need Official Lecture Approval? Read HERE![/msg])

Interested to present an official HackThisSite lecture or discussion? That's great! However, MANDATORY approval is required prior to presentation of lecture. All you need to do is simply post your lecture approval request with the required information below. A HTS Staff member will require a brief interview after posting this lecture request to determine if you are eligible to present. Post your request, and a HackThisSite staff member will reply to your request for further instruction.

Required Information:
- Your Name:
- Topic:
- Topic Details:
- Related Experience:
- Microphone: Yes/No

Please post your request within 5 DAYS PRIOR to presenting the lecture. Once approved, we will make a special announcement of the lecture to inform those who are interested to participate.

If your lecture request has been DENIED, no worries! You can still present your lecture, but it would be
considered an UNOFFICIAL HackThisSite lecture, agreeing to certain guidelines, posted HERE.

Questions? Contact any HTS Moderator for assistance.
hi am new so plz dont troll me or i report 2 the HTS mods ty
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