Want To Present An Official HTS Lecture? READ HERE!

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Want To Present An Official HTS Lecture? READ HERE!

Post by Monica on Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:36 pm
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Interested to present an official HackThisSite lecture or discussion? That's great! However, MANDATORY approval is required prior to presentation of lecture. Click HERE to post a lecture approval request, and a HackThisSite staff member will reply to your request for further instruction. Please post your request within 5 DAYS PRIOR to presenting the lecture. Once approved, we will make a special announcement of the lecture to inform those who are interested to participate!

If your lecture request has been DENIED, no worries! You can still present your lecture, but it would be considered an UNOFFICIAL HackThisSite lecture, agreeing to certain guidelines, posted HERE

HackThisSite Lecture Guideline For User
Written By: Monica


Topic Preparation:

It's great that you are interested to give a lecture that in return can be fun and rewarding! However, topic MUST BE relevant to computer technology (i.e. Programming, hacking, net-neutrality) or advanced mathematics. Giving a lecture comes with responsibility. Participants may have questions during or after the lecture and may expect you to understand your own topic. Of course, nobody expects you to be perfect, but you can offer a good amount of knowledge! Research is highly suggested, so make sure to take notes. But no worries, treat this opportunity as a discussion, rather than a lecture because others may voice any missing key points or facts! There are many topics that are vague, for example, Web Hacking. Make sure to be more specific. A good example of a specific topic would be on SQL Injections. Let's be sure to break the topic into sub-topics. Perfect sub-topics of SQL Injections could be the following:

- Introduction to SQL Database
- How SQL Injections Work
- Vulnerability Testing

Now that you have a great topic and have done your research, you are prepared to give a lecture, abiding by the guidelines below!

Guideline Introduction:

This guideline is to provide you an organized structure for both Ventrilo and IRC so participants can follow along throughout the lecture. Remember, we are all here for a reason. Our goal on HackThisSite is to learn, teach and contribute. Treat this opportunity as a discussion, rather than a lecture to promote full cooperation in the topic. Please treat others and our very own HackThisSite staff with respect. We are all "equal" in the community and in the lecture. Infractions will be given to both the user and the staff member for improper behavior and/or action for:

a.) Intentional spamming on IRC channel or spamming Ventrilo server by repeatedly joining/leaving (i.e. to avoid mutes)
b.) "Trolling" on IRC channel or on Ventrilo, for this is considered harrassment
c.) Intentional interruption of speaker on Ventrilo as an act of "trolling"
d.) Name-calling and personal insults to an individual, for this is UNACCEPTABLE


1.) Greeting

Although the HackThisSite staff will start off with most of the greetings and introductions, feel free to start with a friendly greeting of your own on Ventrilo! We want participants to feel welcome and want them to feel comfortable to be on Ventrilo, as this may be a new or unique experience for some users. Treat Ventrilo as an online classroom. Again, our goal here on HackThisSite is to learn, teach and contribute. An example of a friendly greeting would be, "Thank you for taking the time to join us today on Ventrilo for HackThisSite's lecture." Make sure to inform participants of topic and what to expect. "Today's topic will be on ________________. For those who do not have a microphone, please join us on IRC so we can see your replies to questions and for discussions."

2.) Introduction

It's always nice to know who you're speaking to, and it's nice to get to know each other a bit better for a more comfortable learning environment. Because the HackThisSite staff are the hosts of the lecture, we will introduce each HackThisSite staff participating in the lecture. We will start off with interesting facts for a brief introduction. You may expect the following:

a.) "My (staff) name is, or you may know me as ______________."
b.) "My position on HackThisSite is a ________________."
c.) "What got me into computers/hacking..."

Now we will introduce EACH participant with the following questions:

a.) "What is your username/name?"
b.) "What got you interested in computers?"
c.) "What would you like to learn in regards to this topic today?"

3.) The Topic

Make sure the topic is explained properly with the helpful guidelines above. After topics have been discussed, please ask the participants if they have other questions. Make sure to end the topic with a brief summary of each sub-topic. Please thank the participants for their time. We hope you had fun and hope that you have learned new things while researching or during the lecture!
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