About Sending Staff PMs about Missions

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About Sending Staff PMs about Missions

Post by Karec on Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:03 pm
([msg=7863]see About Sending Staff PMs about Missions[/msg])

In the existence of HTS many members of the staff in not just the moderation team but developers as well have noticed a trend of users from the forum sending Personal Messages (PMs) to staff expecting help on the missions. What may not be obvious is some of us get bombarded with these every week on a consistent basis.

So the official HTS staff policy is now this:
"For each of the HTS missions with the exception of the logic set there are a large amount of resources ranging from hints from moo on the HTS irc, a section in the forum dedicated to mission, and possible articles on the website and the greatest resource of all www.google.com. Sending PM's to Staff members asking help for missions is a discouraged practice that is frowned upon and is considered a sign of laziness. Therefore staff members are not expected nor required to reply to any messages involving this subject matter. For any HTS users who ever are considering in helping out with staff who partake in this action this will also reflect poorly in the future."
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