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Re: Modern Warfare 2

Post by sourjello on Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:03 am
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haha yes i play on ps3, but not much any more. I've been really into battlefield; BC2. it's much better. but as far as i remember, back in my mw2 days, i would play TDM with a UMP FMJ, akimbo raffica, claymore, lightweight, hardline, and ninja (?). whenever i played domination i would use a silenced LMG, smoke grenades, ninja, cold blooded. my favorite killstreaks; UAV, counter UAV, and emergency airdrops. i dislike commando, heartbeat sensors, copycat, last/final stand, and painkiller. I've always been a fan of hardline, SMG's, scavenger, and map glitches :P. but yeah, add me on ps3, I'm "sourjello73". i prefer to play BFBC2, if you want to. XD

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