Cosmic Supremacy

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Cosmic Supremacy

Post by UNSC_AI8085 on Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:34 pm
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Awesome Strategy game

The game uses a down-loadable client. The game is in '3D' you have solar systems and planets. It a classic TBS game turns range from 1min Speed Galaxies to 3 hours.

The game involves economic development, resources,research, diplomacy and conquest. You design all your ships to using what you have researched and build them on planets using your resources. You allso have to manage logistics as you have to transport troops to your planets to man your ships and defend them.

You can have 1000's of ships doing various things ( you see them all on the 3d map) transporting troops going on patrols scouting new systems marking enemy fleets ect.

The greatest thing is the game has a built in scripting language, which you can use quite creatively to manage your planets. These governer AI can actually do alot, this way you do not have to login to do something specific ie early morning. The game also lets your program Fleet Admirals,this is very useful for managing logistics, you can have a transport admiral transporting troops to your production planets or bring troops up to a rally point in order to being conquest of a system.

The game is fairly new around 1.5 years i think. I really hope the improve the scripting part of the game as it increases intensity of the game by reducing micro managing. But some people are complaining about the complexity of governers i hope the Erwin (the developer) doesn't dumb down the game...

The community is really great and its a challenge to try and figure out peoples alliances and apply social engineering, everyone who plays this game is like over 18 as well.
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