Selling AutoHotKey No Recoil/RapidFire script for R6S.

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Selling AutoHotKey No Recoil/RapidFire script for R6S.

Post by ImBrokeAndHateLife on Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:18 pm
([msg=94247]see Selling AutoHotKey No Recoil/RapidFire script for R6S.[/msg])

[AutoHotKey scripts to this day are undetected by BattleEye. Read full description.]

What the title says, Im selling a simple .exe script file that works in conjunction with AutoHotKey. Guaranteed to work, I've been using for two months on my main account with no issues. If it doesnt work you can slice my nuts off. I AM willing to provide video proof of my script in action if there are any doubts in my credibility.

PRE-REQUISITE REQUIREMENTS: Download AutoHotkey (just type it in your browser, free scripting program.)

Price: 8$

Method of transaction: Paypal. (Like I said, I am fully willing to provide proof of my script existing and working, shoot me an E-mail at the address below and we can start business. I'd even be willing to have you pay 4$ initially, and the other 4$ when you yourself get to test your new tool. ;) )

Sidenote: If you prefer an alternate means of communicating besides e-mail, just let me know. :)

Thank you to anyone who considers doing business, and PLEASE leave feedback under this thread once we've finished conducting business. :) HAPPY SIEGE'ING
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