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Quotes from the Net

Post by 72 65 74 72 6f on Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:36 am
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1997: your lightbulb emits more heat than light
2017: your lightbulb is a futuristic color LED currently DDoSing GitHub on behalf of the PRC :D

my vacuuming robot unscheduled left its dock, found my Amazon Echo, and pulled out the Echo's plug. Guess they had a fight while I was away

The 4 stages of Twitter during a malware outbreak:
2. It sucks
3. Should have patched
4. It was Russia

Fearing a "rise of the machines" is adorable.
Computers run every critical aspect of your life.
Without them you would die.
They have already won.

Security by Insecurity.
Leaving a system so unpatched that most attackers assume it's a honeypot and move on.

Internet = Information clusterf*ck

Sometimes late at night I fantasize about ways to punish you, but then you show up for work in the morning.
That seems sufficient.
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