Stupid people stories

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Stupid people stories

Post by Neo-cypher on Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:36 am
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If you have a story about someone being stupid or its just funny, share it, cause why the hell not!

Back when i was in high school i always used to play around with batch and CMD, just making simple little programs to make my life easier and to do fun stuff (towel.blikenlights, ect ect) well one day i was sitting in a computer class (hardly it was all about using office, which was NOT what i was expecting at all and hardly a "computer class") i had finished my work in like 2 minutes and decided that since there wasnt anyone else around to play warcraft 3 with (there was only 1 other person who played and knew how to get it in class that day, the other guy was gone) i decided that i was going to play around with a batch file i made to lock a folder on my personal flashdrive to keep people from prying if they found it, this kid sitting next to me looks over and LOUDLY goes "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? ARE YOU HACKING?!? YOUR A HACKER?!? this prompted EVERYONE in the class to flood up behind me and stare blankly at the lines of batch i had on my screen all in AWE of what they thought was hacking, i didn't really do anything i just ignored it and kept working on my code, hoping they would all buzz off after they realized that i wasn't really doing anything exciting but, the teacher ended up coming over and she assumed THE EXACT SAME THING and proceeded to confiscate my flashdrive after locking my computer down with that stupid "vision client" they all had, she gave my flashdrive to the tech guy, whos name is actually sam (network security sam lol) and the next day he brought it back to me and kind of just chuckled to which i went "so i take it you realize that everyone here has no idea what they are talking about right?" to which he replied "yeah, although its not a bad code, just dont get in trouble." he didnt change anything or even bother looking in the folder, but to this day i still find the whole thing absolutely ridiculous.

other then that, theres been like 2 occasions where someone who thought they knew what they were talking about assumed i was doing something i wasn't. though there not as interesting

-- Wed Oct 14, 2015 2:52 am --

to add alittle bit more, i was facing expulsion until he told the principal that it was nothing, but the next year i actually was expelled (for other reason involving a knife and kid nearly getting scalped long story trust me) you dont actually just sit at home at the school district here, you goto "alternative school" which is just a room off limits to regular students (was supposed to be but they always came in anyway) it was still hooked up to the schools network and had all the same login info as everyone else (your name and a password of your choice and to clarify a regular student could come in and still be able to login to the computers in the room) there were so many problems with the computers in there (mostly stupid people messing with things they shouldn't) that sam actually gave me the login info for the networks admin account, so that way he didn't have to keep coming in and out to fix problems that were so basic it was sad and a waste of his time, which i don't remember the password now and it changes every year, but i was trying like hell to get that password by any means possible, and he just up and hands it to me to help him do his work, needless to say i used that to get around the website filters they had in there, the computers could only connect to 2 sites, a online schooling site and google, i have no idea why google cause its not like you could follow the hyperlinks anywhere without hitting a block, but either way, thats the story about how the year after the flash drive crap went down i was handed the keys to the network, i tried so hard and all i had to do was wait.
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