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opensource RAT For iPhone

Post by tamircohen1 on Sun Aug 11, 2019 2:13 pm
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hello everybady,
i am new in this forum.
right now i work as penetration tester for a little compay who protects from mobile hacking.

In this project I am searching for an opensource app or a leaked app that has the ability to do full jailbreak to an iPhone and get full Remote access like: uploads and downloads data from the phone,use the camera and video, record voice,gets user location,web history,list of contacts and so on.

i also tried many commrical apps like:mSpy,MobileStealth and so on but they were useless.
i thoungt to myself that for the start i can lure the user using spearphising or wififisher.

do you have any good,working ideas for the app?
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