Javascript security tokens

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Javascript security tokens

Post by keiferdeanbrown on Fri Jul 24, 2009 3:32 pm
([msg=27377]see Javascript security tokens[/msg])

Okay this seems to be the common method of hiding (x) as well as other things. Are there any exploits to a security token?

Also while I am here, i have yet another javascript inquiry.

There are serverside rules to check:

* that only 4 techs are dicovered at the same time
* that you have enough resources to pay new Buildings, Soldiers, Discoveries, Armorystuff, Armymovement, Marketplace, Account Upgrade thinks and so on..
* that, if You want to equip a Soldier, the Unit_ID is from your Account and the Item_ID too.
* that only units with enoght XP can get an Level up and you can assign only so much Level-up-points (barracks_points) as the Unit has.
* there is a rule which checks, that you can not give one soldiers more than one weapon
* and many many more..

But there are no serverside rules to check:

* how many Buildings are build at the same time (build_action)
* are the requirements meet to update Buildings (build_action)
* is the Building you want to update at its max Level eg:[200/200] (build_action)
* is the Unit you want equip from type Soldier (barracks_equip)
* are the requirements meet to research new Technologies (research_action)
* is the Technology you want to discover at its max Level eg:[200/200] (research_action)
* are the requirements meet to buy an Item (blacksmith_action)

the game is in javascript and i just want to know how he is exploiting this.
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