Python Tutorial - || Advanced Keylogger || Code Walk-through

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Python Tutorial - || Advanced Keylogger || Code Walk-through

Post by zduke on Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:35 pm
([msg=97223]see Python Tutorial - || Advanced Keylogger || Code Walk-through[/msg])

Key Logger YouTube tutorial:

Welcome everyone! This is a Python tutorial on creating an advanced key logger. This is a code walk-through were i explain everything that I'm doing, and how to setup the key-logger, so that you can learn python! GitHub code link & More python tutorials link below! :geek:

:arrow: Code on GitHub:
:arrow: For more tutorials:
:arrow: Python_AND_Hacking subreddit:

I do not endorse illegal activity of any kind, this is merely to learn information security/pen testing, and i am in no way liable of any rouge learners. Its good to learn! :) :geek:

- Don't forget the hit that SUBSCRIBE button and give it a LIKE, and comment below if you have any ideas on a video you would like me to do next! enjoy, and thanks for watching. 8-)
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