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SSH Tunnel Stable, HTTP Unstable

Hey all, So I found a rather confusing issue on a DSL to wireless connection. The connection drops to nothing (without disconnecting) 20+ times a day, seemingly randomly. It affects HTTP on all browsers, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends that I've noticed so far. When HTTP is affected, no gam...
by djmounce553
on Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:01 am
Forum: Networking
Topic: SSH Tunnel Stable, HTTP Unstable
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Re: Change my IP adress/ proxy servers

The admins can keep banning you no matter what IP address you route through, you might just be able to play a little bit more whenever you switch to a new proxy. IMO, talk to the admins and work it out. Maybe stop doing what got you banned and they'll let you back in.
by djmounce553
on Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:43 am
Forum: Networking
Topic: Change my IP adress/ proxy servers
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Re: Got 2 servers :P

Apache is a good webserver. Just make sure you READ before you go messing with the httpd.conf file. Also don't forget to restart Apache when you make any config changes, otherwise you won't notice a change.
by djmounce553
on Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:34 am
Forum: Networking
Topic: Got 2 servers :P
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Re: UseNet with SSL

I would also guess that some of the people posting that type of stuff may be routing their traffic through an ephemeral proxy server so their IP wouldn't really mean much in the long run.
by djmounce553
on Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:32 am
Forum: Networking
Topic: UseNet with SSL
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