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Battered Iranian protesters I've been following this on the news, and it's clear government bullshit and just proves how bent governments are. It's about time shit like this came to light i'm a 100% with these protesters, ...
by Dynami
on Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:39 pm
Forum: Politics
Topic: Battered Iranian protesters
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Re: Introduce Yourself  Topic is solved

Sup i'm Dynami , 18.
Been into security for about 5 years
Been a linux user for about the same.

I like to do a bit of web dev in my spare time
aswell as graphics, photoshop.

Too much spare time on my hands as i have no job D;
Play guitar in the massive amount of spare time i have.
by Dynami
on Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:29 pm
Forum: NZone
Topic: Introduce Yourself
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