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Pursuant to H.R. 3261 (SOPA) and S.968 (PROTECT IP), this website has been blocked by the United States Government Great Firewall.

Is This Real?

If the United States Congress and President pass either of these bills, website closures and censorship like this will appear much more frequently for unjust and illegitimate reasons, threatening not only the function of the Internet, but innovation as well. This will foster a chilling effect, where website owners will be afraid to allow for any free speech for fear of having their website shut down, even in spite of fair use. These laws heavily favor the Big Content industry and provide almost zero protection for anyone else. This will not only affect United States citizens, but users of the Internet worldwide.

What Can I Do?

For more information and how it affects you, visit:

You can also censor your website like this to raise awareness of this issue.