HackThisSite.org News: Big Changes Are Coming!

by: HackThisSite Staff, 11:06 pm Saturday June 18th, 2016

For several hours hours today, the HackThisSite staff collaborated together to plan some upcoming big changes for the site. We solidified some major decisions on direction and technology, assigned responsibilities, and planned deliverables. So what did we plan?

Any HTS user can tell you that many parts of the site are broken, and any staffer can tell you it's because the code is atrocious. We plan on redoing everything from the ground up, starting first with a Single Sign-On system -- which was what we planned today -- to decouple authentication and make adding new things much easier.

To do this, we need your help! If you'd like to be part of this major undertaking, please hop on our IRC and ask about it in the #hackthissite channel, or email us at staff (at) hack this site (dot) org. Help us hack this site into a brand new HackThisSite!