HackThisSite.org News: Next Steps to Expansion

by: Kage, 05:11 am Saturday November 30th, 2013


As we continue exploring news ways for expansion of HackThisSite and its services, one of the recurring problems is integration of our current user database into other systems. As comes with a website running upwards of 10-year-old code in some places, the user database is not easily portable to other systems, having been written from an ad-hoc proprietary approach.

Thus enters LDAP...

LDAP, the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is a very useful authentication engine. Even better, nearly everything supports it. We are currently actively working on the necessary measures to convert HackThisSite into using LDAP authentication for future expansion and scalability options.

Phone Phreaking Missions

We are still looking for able-bodied developers willing to participate in developing our Phone Phreaking missions system. Strong skill in FreeSwitch is highly desired. Contact us on IRC (irc.hackthissite.org) in the #pbx channel if interested.