HackThisSite.org News: Weekly Update: The First

by: fashizzlepop, 11:11 pm Saturday November 23rd, 2013

As many people know, these past six months have not been as fruitful as we had hoped they would be. Recently we set up a working workflow for development and it has proven very useful this past month. Many changes have been made so I will now go over our CHANGELOG:

- Mon Oct 21 17:13:47 UTC 2013 by weekend - v3.1.4
* Fix some global code

In hopes of making future changes easier, much of the site code is in need of refactoring. In this update we introduced a series of fixes and clean ups. Our next rollout will include even more.

* Fix SQL injection in header

We also fixed a critical SQLi that the site vulnerable to. This allowed an attacker to tamper with the header they sent the server and it would be processed by our database.

* Fix JS missions 3 & 6

Most importantly, JS mission 3 and 6 are now fixed to work with members who are using https (as you all should be). Any other bugs related to the missions should be filed so we can fix them in the future.

* Fix typos for bug reports
* Remove NSA banner

Removal of the NSA banner and the fixing of typos were some minor changes we rolled out in this latest release. Future releases will include more content fixes and hopefully some basic layout style changes to improve the look of the site.

Another thing we'd like to mention is we have a new IRC server that will be replacing Nesoi. Nesoi will be deactivated in December and members who wish to use a European IRC node should now be using Wolf.

Happy hacking!