HackThisSite.org News: The time is now to support Jeremy Hammond, Hack This Site Founder.

by: HackThisSite Staff, 07:10 pm Wednesday October 02nd, 2013

Edit: Read our open letter to Judge Preska here.

For the Hack This Site users who do not know Jeremy, he is our founder who started Hack This Site around ten years ago. He has not been around now for a number of years due to the legal restrictions of his parole after hacktivism related charges.

Jeremy Hammond is currently a prisoner pending sentencing for computer hacking crimes. His crimes were acts of civil disobedience, acts of protest against an encroaching surveillance state. Jeremy faces a maximum of 10 years under the plea agreement he signed. The government will want the full 10 years.
Will you please help us ask the judge for less time?

Jeremyís sentencing is not going to be delayed any further. It will go forward mid-November.
Letters to the court in support of Jeremy need to be in by no later than the 15th of October so they can be submitted to the court - that means you should do it now - TODAY! This is important. If you care about Jeremy Hammond, the freedom of the internet or the encroaching surveillance state, you need to take action on this now - this is the opportunity to have your voice heard on this matter.
Any and all help that you all can give, including both passing this along and writing your own letter to the court about why they should not give Jeremy 10 years is not only appreciated, but is desperately needed.
Please spread this message around and letís get as many letters as we can and letís make sure they are all thoughtful and powerful.
This is important for Jeremy and important for freedom. Please speak now on this crucial issue.

Please visit the following link for more information on how you can help http://jayleiderman.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/letters-desperately-needed-for-jeremy.html