HackThisSite.org News: RIP First Amendment - Dec 15, 1791 - May 10, 2013

by: HackThisSite Staff, 09:05 pm Tuesday May 14th, 2013

Mark serious note of those dates in your calendars, for they are the respective birth and death dates of the entire First Amendment to the United States Constitution. She somberly lived a beaten, battered, and abused 221 years, and she will be sorely missed. Normally, we do not report on the near-daily atrocities and affronts to civil rights unless they impact you digitally (eg. SOPA, CISPA, and so forth). However, due to her last breath drawn, we are making a special exception today to mourn the passing of our dearly departed First Amendment.

"How did she die?", you may ask yourself. Well, in order to answer this question, we must analyze the law in its entirety:And now we reach the final nail in the First Amendment's coffin, and the reason behind this news article ...

Woe, for on this doleful and dreary day, we mourn the loss of our dearly beloved First Amendment. You served us well for 221 years, and you will be regretfully missed.

Rest in peace.