HackThisSite.org News: Website Migration & Upgrades

by: HackThisSite Staff, 02:12 am Monday December 10th, 2012

Good news, everyone!

HackThisSite has migrated its website to its Denver location. In the process, a lot of code was updated and several systems upgraded. This also involved some serious infrastructure upgrades, but we'll go into that more in our staff blogs.

Speaking of staff blogs, we have a new feature: Staff Blogs. We also (finally) have news indexing, but more on those blogs:

One of the biggest complaints from the community is our lack of transparency on what goes on in the background. To combat this, we've posted our overhead view of the HackThisSite backend on our "Under the Hood" page, but the biggest part are the staff blogs. To give a better inside view as to what we're doing, we'll be blogging our activities. This will also include the "Engine Room" series, which will document the infrastructure that powers HackThisSite.

Pay attention to the upper-right corner of the main HackThisSite page for notifications of new staff blogs or news posts.