HTML, CSS, Etc.... multimedia

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HTML, CSS, Etc.... multimedia

Post by slave4christ on Wed May 26, 2010 7:45 am
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I have Adobe Master Creative Suite CS5 and I really wanted to get into DW and build some sites as well as do some graphic design, learn flash, and some video editing. I dabble a little bit into music so SoundBooth is pretty cool for recording/mastering. Over all I am a media geek.

I would like to really build a graphically awesome website with video, music, basically as a huge multimedia portfolio for myself of things I can do etc.

I have a basic understanding of how HTML works. I know I need to know css for other things as well. But what all programming languages should I need to learn to get really in depth into this?

I figure learning some programing would be cool because I am currently studying for my BSIT in securities so I know basic networking things as well.

Also out of the languages which should I learn first and what is most benefical in online media? I would like to beable to take these skills to maybe make some money as well lol. thank you for your guys time. :mrgreen:
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Re: HTML, CSS, Etc.... multimedia

Post by fashizzlepop on Wed May 26, 2010 11:23 am
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PHP, server side backend to most sites. Other than CSS HTML and JavaScript I am not sure what much else there is for you to learn other than Flash? Or AJAX maybe later on... I'd say just keep practicing your stuff.
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