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Re: IDE vs IDE vs IDE

Post by QtDevl on Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:58 am
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I agree with Eclipse being utterly bloated,i HAVE to use it in my company to develop for android.At work i use it for java too,but at home i prefer NetBeans,it's so much cleaner and less bloated that it seems fresh air honestly for me.Visual studio is kinda meh,not bad but not too great either.
Seeing that you asked about IDEs NetBeans is the only one i can advise.If you need only custom syntax highlightning then notepad++ and co are just fine.I use it too for php and websites.
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Re: IDE vs IDE vs IDE

Post by WallShadow on Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:12 pm
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I don't understand what you all mean by Eclipse(<3) being bloated. I use it for all of my Java needs. I've used other things such as just notepad combined with command prompt, but it gets annoying having to jump between them time and time again. Throughout my Computer Science course at school (its as high as my school curriculum goes in that regard) I've used the required JCreator for Java programming. JCreator is decent, but it doesnt compare in any way to Eclipse. Its just like every other basic IDE, new project, new file, compile button, errors.

Eclipse is much better than JCreator in my opinion and most other IDEs for that matter, because there is no need to compile. It immediately tells you any errors existent in your project and it automatically compiles every time you hit ctrl-s or run the program. It also has some VERY useful features such as the refractor. When you are working with a large set of java files such as 10 or more, and you realize that you named one of your files some completely stupid name that doesn't adhere your standard nomenclature, the refractor has an option to rename the file in a way that it changes all associated references to it as well. Also, the history viewer can show you what your program looked like 2 hours ago before you took the liberty to start it all over again without backing up. And finally, the debugger is very handy. It displays all the information you'll ever need. It has the ability to show you all current Threads that it started, and you can view all memory inside those threads even down to members of the classes that you normally have no access to.

As for everything else;

-C++ : Code::Blocks
- Lua : SciTE
- Everything else : Programmer's Notepad 2
- Crap : Game Maker 8

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Re: IDE vs IDE vs IDE

Post by wan26 on Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:13 pm
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The main ones I use are IDLE for python, Codeblocks for C++. I've tried others but I'm more comfortable with these. For English I use libreoffice writer :]
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Re: IDE vs IDE vs IDE

Post by Grendel12 on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:13 pm
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I use KomodoEdit for web development. Eclipse for Java/Android stuff. I actually really like Eclipse, but I agree that it's really bloated. I would use Aptana for web development, there's just too much there.

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