Democracy vs. Government

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Democracy vs. Government

Post by VadimCool on Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:52 pm
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First of all I used to go with the flow and when it came to being a Democrat. But recently I began to change my views not only due to President's misuse of Political power but as well as definition of Democracy it-self. So I would like to start with President.

#1 America is the leading Country in Europe which people look up to when they think about FREEDOM. And that is a problem on a global scale of the whole world when people America allowing their Presidents to execute orders against their own Constitution while Presidents not always inform their people of what reforms they have changed and what rights people have:
But of course it is understandable since people rather choose the easy way out and pay for their mistakes later instead of choosing the right way from the beginning and avoid the cost of many future mistakes from which we may never ever recover again. In a case of America it is easy to see where it is heading:
At this point FREEDOM is a disaster as "He who sacrifices freedom for security, deserves neither. - Ben Franklin." People want security and enjoy their lives and party rather than take a step back and think about their actions. And now the whole WORLD is in debt:

#2 Democracy doesn't really matter at this point when people are intrusting pretty much every right decision to the Government as in the American case, Chef and Commander = Dictator who may manipulate with most information to make the majority do what he wants them to do. At that point Democracy is slavery or an Illusion. But there is more. Democracy doesn't work most of the time! You see, the 6th of November 2012 will be a new election for a new President. If we ignore the fact that President is the poppet in the hands of Global Bankers.
Lets say 51% votes left and 49% votes right. So now at this point the difference between right and left is 1%. So 49% were beaten by 1%. Does that look like a democracy to you? In order for things to work more properly we need this 1% at least being equal to the 49% which means we need to get up to 25% vs 25% + and - 50% on the right or left equals 75% vs 25%. At this point if we are equal to 75% of votes or even above that in comparison to the rest, then we have a democratically correct and proper valid voting. So until the votes do not exceed 75% on either side, then the point of Democracy pretty much broke down and we're left with nothing more than what we started with. Some may argue like why not 65% vs 35% or what if we have 74% vs 26%, will there not be also 1% of a chance to swing the vote from a non-valid democratic voting to a democratic voting? I don't think so since we are not talking 50 vs 50 fairness neutral position. But rather the insurance of the national security which mustn't be brought under 75% by any means, so that people should think more radically and make their decisions more seriously. At that point we may even reach 85-95% insurance. And even with this there is no way of telling what the real plan of our Government on the global scale and who really is in control.

So either we must find ourselves an alternative solution of new Government which means new Revolution and new Constitution. Or we should stop breaking the old Constitution and pay more attention to what rights we had, have and should have. We need more rules by which both President and People may act by. But those laws shouldn't be decided by President alone or by Congress. But rather by all the people of the United States since it's people's country, it's their choice, not President's and not group of Banker's.
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Re: Democracy vs. Government

Post by mShred on Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:15 pm
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