Violent vs Non-Violent Protests

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Violent vs Non-Violent Protests

Post by random404error on Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:19 pm
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Lately protests/riots/revolutions whatever you wanna call it, have been popping up all around the world.

I was wondering what your opinions are on using force when it comes to defending yourself against riot police? Whom are using less than lethal weapons.

Which is more effective for getting your message out? Peaceful or Non.


I have watched a bunch of videos on you tube comparing the occupy movement in the US, and the "riots" in Athens, Greece.
There is one main difference I notice. While in the US it's been mostly peaceful on the side of the protesters the police have shown no mercy. Beating, shooting w/ rubber coated steel , throwing flash bangs, mass arrests, and even killed one guy. No matter how long they sit in the street and play drums and dance no one is taking them all that seriously. If anyone does try to clash with the police all the hippies call them and "agent provoketour" someone who has been sent in by government to cause violence.

I then watch videos of Athens. Small groups of young Greek men wander the streets, lobbing Molotov Cocktails at much larger groups of riot police. While this isn't too incredibly violent as they aren't very deadly. It works wonders at keeping the cops at bay. I've also seen other videos when the crowd has an upper hand they swarm police stripping them of riot shields and batons while stomping them into the ground.

I personally believe violence would be more effective in not only protecting yourself but being taken more seriously. If you fuck shit up people know you are mad. If you sit in the street and play drums people are like "WTF? are they even mad about?"

People can only be oppressed so much before they snap...I say we stop delaying the inevitable.
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