Rasberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi

Post by centip3de on Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:22 pm
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If you guys were unaware, there's an amazing thing going on called; 'Raspberry Pi'. Essentially, it's a 25$ computer. Yes, 25$.

Questioning Person wrote:But... But.. How is that possible?!

Well, don't be getting all excited by thinking it can even come close to replacing your current machine, unless that machine is a toaster. Essentially it's an ARMv6, 700 MHz micro-computer (with the ability to replicate 1080p Blu-ray quality). It also comes with 1 USB (though Model B comes with it (through Model B comes with it (Only 35$)), no Ethernet (though Model B comes with it (Only 35$)), HDMI port, Audio jack, and SD Card. The current operating system is Fedora Linux (Though Debian and Arch are supported (people are also working on making Ubuntu work on it)). It's so small that if you rounded the edges, it could fit into an Altoids tin.

The current release date is somewhere near the end of February, and personally, I'm stoked.

So, I was wondering what you guys think of it? Will you be getting it? Do you