Mumble as alternative to Vent and TS

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Mumble as alternative to Vent and TS

Post by tremor77 on Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:43 am
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Figured I'd post this in gaming... but a brief forum search turned up results for this relating to HTS lectures a bit as well... so anyway... as a PC gamer, voice chat has always been an important topic, and within my gaming group there always banter about Ventrilo Vs. Teamspeak, and hosting a server or renting a server... this had gone on for ages... until recently I stumbled across Mumble. I've sent up a Murmur server for Mumble, loving it so far... just wondered a few things. I'm sure I could *google* for the results, and I most likely will when I have a few spare minutes... so don't be gay and say google it.

1. Security - I set up an open/public server, is there any known exploits or hacks.. ways for people to get admin privs, etc?

2. Shell Script - My public server uses the bonjour service to announce itself to a master list of public servers.. I've got my server running stable and it's just up.. and after a few days.. it just drops from the master list.. I'm guessing maybe I can setup a shell script or a cron job maybe to 're-announce' every so often.. anyone got any ideas or links.

3. Third party / web applications: Mumble has some sweet PHP based user and admin features that can integrate with website... I managed to, with great frustration install ICE on my linux box... and trying to learn and work with the web applications... and just for the life of me can't get anything to work.. so, just wondering if anyone here is familiar with ICE or the Mumble PHP apps?

My Mumble Server can be reached @ - default settings... you're welcome to use it for your gaming endeavours...
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Re: Mumble as alternative to Vent and TS

Post by sanddbox on Wed Oct 27, 2010 7:22 pm
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We've had a lot of discussion about switching to Mumble, actually. So far weekend has been the biggest proponent of it. Personally, I think mumble would be worth the switch.

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