Failed Attempt at Basic 6

Failed Attempt at Basic 6

Post by Avery17 on Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:00 am
([msg=48059]see Failed Attempt at Basic 6[/msg])

Well I'm not new to programming but I am a bit new to C. I have tried to make a program to solve Basic Mission 6 in C and it gives the correct answer but it tacks on a bunch of arbitrary characters at the end along with the first character array I used to store the initial input. I fear it may be because the character array isn't ending in a null terminating character and overflows into the next character array and displays that one too but ends there because that one ends correctly. I tried adding a null terminating character at the end before printing it and it did nothing. If I'm not making sense PM me and I'll send the code and an example input/output.

Edit: Well thanks to your help, 2 hours later I figured it out on my own! Yay for useless posts!

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