Port Forwarding

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Port Forwarding

Post by System_root on Sun Jun 08, 2008 5:07 am
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Ok... so I've got a few questions about portforwarding... (and yes... I've wasted hours googleing it)

(internet connection is dialup at the moment {insert laughter here})
ok... some background on the system I'm running, I have an XP home box (dual monitor not that that matters) and I had an XP pro box, got tired of having two keyboards and mice on the desk, and wanted a tri monitor set up, networked them together using a netgear router, Lan to Lan and installed Synergy on them... works well.

took my old Pentium III, installed RedHat9 on it to be a small webserver, more so I can access my files while I'm at college. I'm lazy and doing this on a dirt cheap budget, the computer cant be put right by my desk, nor do I have a cable long enough to reach my netgear router, I had an extra dlink router, so I connected my linux server to the Dlink router, then connected my dlink router to my netgear router, and that is inturn already connected to my XP home box, which has the internet connection.

Now I'm trying to figure out how my port forwarding should look like on a set up like this, wether I set it on the dialup connection to connect directly to the server, or wether I have to sequentially bounce through the routers and set up portforwarding on each of them too. Also, I think I'm going to have to muddle in the Windows Firewall settings too.

(the server can be connected to locally, just not from anyone outside my local network)

That was probably really confusing, but maybe a guru (or someone who knows more than me) here will be able to give me an idea of what my port forwarding should look like.
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Re: Port Forwarding

Post by QtDevl on Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:16 pm
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Well basically you need only to forward the port on which your server operates, on the routers if they support port forwarding and on your firewall of course.However even if you connected multiple routers together the important thing they are on the same ip range as it could cause some problems with your webserver(but most of them already are on 192.168...so....)However you must register a domain name or atleast the webservers ip in order to be reached from the outside, or else it will be possible to access it only from your local network, you must only configure your computer that has internet to share it's connection,and you are done.If you configured well your network the other computers will easily access internet without any problems including your webserver(it will even popup a dial screen on the computer that has internet if it's not connected,annoying yes but can be disabled :P).
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