Programming 5

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Programming 5

Post by daimbahaxxor on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:09 pm
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i started with the programing mission 5. When I read the description i knew its about this guy ronald and his girlfriend nancy. I coded a programm to fix this problem. It worked fine on my files, but it didn't work with the mission file.

Then i read that some of the ronald and nancys are correct and sould stay, while others are because of the corruption.
As far as i know Ronald together with Nancy appear 37 times in the file. After bruteforcing 1.3E-6% I thought this might need more than 10 minutes.

I can't think about a "smart" bruteforcing method.
The only thing is i thought is hashing the binary data and compare it to the CRC hash that comes with the bz2 file, instead of creating a new file and then trying to extract it. But this wouldn't make my programm to do 2 ^37 tries in 10 mins.

Can you maybe give a littl hint?

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