Quick question about a page loading

Quick question about a page loading

Post by The_Computer_Wizard on Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:28 pm
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Ok, so im in a basic web design class
and for the project im working on I made it so you could select a layout. Then used a cookie to store the information, and javascript load a different css file depending on what the cookie had stored in it (yes i know there are probably better ways to do it, however remember its a BASIC web class, so me using javascript is probably pushing it)

anyway, my question is, is that when you load the page it flashes the default background until the javascript kicks in and changes it, and i remember there was a command to make the page fully load before a person could view it....
just dont remember what that is

anyone know what im talking about?

-- Sun Feb 08, 2009 2:43 pm --

nevermind, i was being stupid
i was calling the javascript with a body onload function

looking back at it i was like "why the hell did i do that?"

instead i called the function as the first thing in the body
no more flashing green :)
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