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Post by scbnottz on Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:34 pm
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Hi Guys.

First time I have posted on here so apologies if I have entered in the incorrect place.

I just want to say thanks to you guys for the stuff I am learning from here.

I am a 2nd year Computing Degree student who uses SQL, ASP.Net, HTML & CSS as my main tools. I do study Java and c# but not in great depth (I know. surely these should be covered massively?) but some of the stuff I have came across from just doing the basic mission on this site is fantastic and really gets you thinking about what you can do and encourages you to educate yourself.

Its also giving me a greater understanding of my own work and how to try and protect it from various threats.

Kudos to you for sure for the work you do. just wanted to say thanks and I hope you keep it up! (dont worry, I will make a donation to show my thanks :-D)
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